Essential information

OBJECT: to travel on foot, unaided, in the shortest time possible between Little Stretton (from Grid Ref SO 442 919) and Stiperstones Village (telephone box at Grid Ref SJ 364 005) – about 9 or 10 miles depending on route choice.

COMPETENCE: This event attracts runners and challenge walkers with a wide range of experience. However, the route is not prescribed so route choice will benefit from local knowledge and participants will need competence and self-reliance to safely negotiate the upland terrain in uncertain weather conditions.

TIMING: Times will be recorded for solo efforts and for declared pairs who must start and finish together. Winners will be declared for a variety of categories and modest prizes will be awarded. To reflect the spirit of a Time Trial more winners will be declared in solo categories.

START TIMES at intervals from 9:30 to 11:15 am will be allocated on registration.

THE FINISH is manned between 10:45 am and 1:45 pm after which time the finish marshal can be found in the pub. It is most important that everyone reports to the Finish so that unnecessary effort isn’t spent searching for you. If you haven’t finished by 3:00 pm you will be presumed missing and search parties organised.

REGISTRATION will take place in Little Stretton Village Hall, only 200 metres from the Start. Registration opens at 09:00. The entry fee will be £5 per person (£2 juniors u17).

Registration is available on the day only. As part of registration you will need to provide emergency contact details and information to help locate you in the event that you are a prize winner. (All such personal data will be used only for the purpose of the 2018 Time Trial.)

BUS SERVICE: A Finish to Start bus service (leaving Stiperstones at 8:30 am) will be operated by Mick Boulton at a very reasonable cost. Telephone 01694 771226 during office hours to reserve a place—book early.

PARKING: Parking at Little Stretton has become even more restricted to ensure access for farm vehicles. If you park at Little Stretton please have full regard for residents and visitors.

MAPS – OS maps 126 and 137 at 1:50,000 scale are useful although Explorer maps (1:25,000) 216 and 217 provide more detail for route optimisation.

RULES: This is a low-key event but there are just a few rules to preserve the spirit of fair competition, to promote safety and to avoid causing anyone else nuisance.

☼ Choose your own route but you must observe the Country Code and respect property. Do not cross fields where a path does not exist.

☼ If/when you cross the Stiperstones Nature Reserve do so only at recognised access points and keep to existing paths.

☼ Compete solo or as a declared team of two.

☼ A team/pair must start and finish together.

☼ Minimum age for a solo competitor is 17 years on the day; younger competitors must be in a team of two with a partner who is at least 17 years.

☼ Approach horse and riders with care – announce your presence.

☼ Take all precautions to ensure your own safety; full body waterproofs, map, whistle,  warm hat, mobile phone (if available) and sustenance should be carried.

☼ You must report to the Finish.

☼ Take part only if you accept that you do so with responsibility for your actions and involvement and if you accept that you do so at your own risk.


Organiser 2020: Craig Henn


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